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We are a New England based video production shop. 
But if we need to send it somewhere else, we'd love to.


send • it


1. any action or activity you can do wholeheartedly with                confidence and absolute passion


What we do.

How we do it.





Directing & Ideation - Commercial, documentary, web series and brand.

Production - Multi-camera shoots, Sound, Lighting

Post-Production - Edit, VFX, Sound Design, Color

With passion.  From making skiing videos for a free ski pass, to a slew of creative agency, commercial and documentary experience, we bring a unique approach to production.   In that, every project we work on, we learn on and do with the utmost enthusiasm to achieve the best possible product for our clients. 

To create, collaborate, share, evolve, smile, give some high fives, and make something impactful.  We realize that capturing the essence of an event, person, place, idea or thing, is without exception more than hitting record.  That’s why no matter the project, we put our best foot forward, and always, send it.

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